Monday, May 22, 2017

May flowers

And some May showers – it’s currently raining.  Last weekend was complete downpour.  The interim days were 30 degree heat and clear skies.  Who knows anymore, I just carry layers with me and always have a lightweight rain jacket? And my sunglasses? Shrug

Nothing desperately noteworthy in terms of my life has happened but a general overview is that
I’ve seen loads of friends in the last two weeks which is FAB – coffees, lunches, hangouts, events, random bumpings into in street and yesterday a park barbecue. 

I’ve mostly adjusted to a new way of living which is not spending time in my apartment, not cooking and not knowing what daylight looks like until I go outside (such is the window situation in my room) – but enjoying the rent savings and the proximity to Jacob, Maite, Natalia and Lauren.

I worked (pfft…will detail, work is a strong term) at an event for Vulture magazine, an online publication that covers all things media and entertainment.  There were panels, interviews and screenings all day featuring some high profile American actors and entertainers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Neil Patrick Harris, Aziz Ansari and Stephen Colbert.  Of course I didn’t get to see any of those ones (I was really gunning for Aziz Ansari but no dice) but I did get to watch three screenings of as-of-yet unseen episodes of new television programs and listen to the cast and creators talk about them afterwards.  I knew none of the people concerned but it was interesting none the less.  I also did see Aziz Ansari very briefly in the flesh (I’m a big fan) also saw a comedienne I like called Jessica Williams (wasn’t able to go and see her show either).  So the deal was, I was essentially there as a paid seat filler.  I’m signed up to a staffing agency and occasionally they’ll email with these events that need extra caterers or hostesses or cloakroom attendants or whatever…and this time the job description was literally ‘go to the screenings we send you to, enjoy the free food, DON’T TELL ANYONE YOU’RE PAID TO BE HERE’
Pretty sweet, right?? As it happened the first person from the staffing agency that I came across was a friend from AMDA so he and I spent the day hanging out.  It is a sweet gig don’t get my wrong but it was 11 hours of hanging out – in between the screenings that we were told to go to, we had to just…be.  There was an ‘event lounge’ that had food and drinks (sadly not free) and various sponsors giving away freebies if you downloaded their app, so staying in there the whole time got tired pretty fast.  All in all though an interesting day, nothing I would have done of my own volition so! You can get paid for all kinds of weird shit in this town. 

We celebrated Jacob’s birthday on Friday night – he turned the grand age of 24, he is officially the youngest of my friend group, as emphasised when Anel arrived, sat down and without missing a beat said ‘how old are you turning? 19?’

Yesterday was Benmas, or the annual birthday celebrations of Ben Holbrook, which this year took the form of a barbecue in Prospect Park.  Not only was it great to be outside eating wonderful food, I was so happy to be back in my old neighbourhood feeling at home and full of joie de vivre.  We had SO MUCH FOOD.  A plus work from everyone.

This week the same Ben has a fundraiser evening for some projects he has in the pipeline – he’s an excellent playwright who scored a residency at a prestigious program on Long Island for the month of June.  I’ll be there to support not perform because I won’t make it on time from work BUT Dan’s band The Fine Machines will be playing for the first time in a long while and I’m THRILLED to see them perform.

We are in rehearsals for Dickless.  It’s really, really difficult to schedule them.  We’re juggling the vastly different schedules of Lauren, myself and our director Jamie.  There is also another director coming on board in June whose schedule is equally incompatible.  So mostly we message back and forth for days and conclude that I can have one hour on Monday evening and Lauren can have an hour Thursday morning.  Or something.  It’s not my job to schedule us thankfully but I still have to be actively involved in the conversation about availability, which is one of my least favourite things it gets very fraught and confusing. 

I took a fantastic tap class last week, and the week before I managed to score a private class for $7.  The teacher is this great lady from Oklahoma University who moved to New York and started an independent class, which means the timetable changes based on when she can rent a studio.  For the longest time I haven’t been able to make one of her classes but she announced the next one would be on a Monday morning, which I can make but apparently no one else can because it was just me there! And because she’d had to cancel the week before last minute she gave me a half price class, so I got the whole time to myself for only $7.  If I can score a work study position at a dance studio, many more cheap classes in the future.

That’s about it for general life updates.  The weather is weird, the administration is bananas (both sides of the pond) and it’s time for me to stop drinking coffee and start moving!

Jacob and I found a nice spot on a mid afternoon adventure

I tapped with these lovely ladies at a Holi Hai festival (that's the Indian spring celebration where coloured powder is thrown with abandon) on Governor's Island - picture taken before I got a faceful of pink Holi powder which I keep for the rest of the day

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