Friday, November 4, 2016


I'm very very tired so this will be neither big nor clever

The Unseen has three additional performances Sunday Monday and Tuesday because, well, because we can! We don't have to hire studio space to do it! Ha!
The last couple of shows were really well attended and my dear friends Ali, Ben, Sam, Val, Rosi, Lauren and Jacob all turned out to see it and I'm delighted by how much they not only enjoyed it but appreciated the work, careful crafting and vision that went into it.

Tuesday is also election day in the USA so everyone grab a puppy or a deity or a bottle, whatever works.  I'll be with friends at FTP's Raucous Caucus open mic party.

Monday and Tuesday are also days on which a couple of super interesting auditions are happening so think good thoughts for Tessa and her contemporary dancer friends.

Aside from general busy and tiredness it's been a lovely week of seeing excellent people and some more Mav-sitting which of course is always a ray of sunshine no matter what fatigue is dragging you down.

Babysitting at 7.30 in the morning tomorrow - eep! I hope no-one will judge me if I just feed them cake disguised as breakfast food while watching childrens TV with them for three hours. I know they won't.
Yahli turned ten last weekend. Yipes.

I'm going to have a quick drink close to home tonight to celebrate my evening off then get rapidly to bed. Toodle pip

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