Monday, October 24, 2016

Zombie (last week's state of mind)

I'm running on not enough many coffees SO MANY COFFEES THIS WEEK, living out of a bag except I had to leave the big bag at work to pick up later because I can only take the small bag to rehearsal because we will travel all over a park and we do not have a stage manager who is also a donkey...that would be awesome maybe I should suggest to the directors that they invest in a show donkey...also, cute...SO one bag will be somewhere I will be elsewhere I will have to pick it up on the way home at 11ish tonight which will get me home at 12 then tomorrow I need to leave at 9 for rehearsal at 11 then go straight to babysitting then go and walk a dog then go to Williamsburg for a surprise party then go back to Manhattan for not a surprise party - it is an unsurprising party - then get home because it is my roommates birthday and then the day will be done and by then it will be December! Right? Where will my bags of various sizes be throughout the quest that is my day? I have NO clue maybe I should borrow the show donkey to help me carry all the things I need for all the things.
Whew! I'm the kind of tired where you get completely doollally and everything feels a bit like you're dreaming, but I'm still in the 'I'm going gaga but I think it's quite funny' stage. I anticipate reaching the 'basic tasks and functions like swiping a subway card or operating keys are insurmountable challenges and I can see no hope for the future' stage by 10on, after rehearsal.
Wheeeeeeeeeee! Rehearsal will be great though, these people are fantastic.

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