Sunday, September 6, 2015

Victory pics

From my first run round Prospect Park.

I ran from my house to Prospect Park which is about 1.3 miles. I'm going to find out my exact distances when I get home. Then around the park which is 3.35 miles - I did cut off a little early since I already had that mile at the beginning. I also had a couple of walk breaks near the start and one sit down to massage my knees out.
I stopped running at the the last place where it was possible for me to leave the park road and go onto the main grass area - I wanted to spend a few minutes lying on the grass in the drowsy rays of a sinking sun and bask in my euphoria. Also it was a good spot to watch the cricket game the cricket game that locals get up at weekends, it's really fun to watch and they play while blasting dancehall and reggae music.

I checked the distance, and with eliminating the walk breaks I ran 4.59 miles total which is 7.38km. Whaaaat! What! I'm only 2.62 off a 10k! What's going on!

It's a celebration weekend in Crown Heights, tomorrow brings the West Indian American day parade. 2 million people are coming here to party for all Caribbean nations. There will be dancers, music, floats, food and carnival costumes.  Tonight is 'juve' from 'j'ouvert' as in French for opening and it is essentially the pre-parade night of partying. All around the neighbourhood at the moment there is music blasting. Going to the parade tomorrow conveniently positioned a block from my front door.

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