Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Step into my office

I have a new bedroom office setup, thanks to the simple addition of a small folding table.  Now instead of trying to be productive from a horizontal position squashed amongst pillows on my bed, a position in which it is all too easy to get really comfy and drift towards Buzzfeed instead of doing stuff, I can sit in my window with lots of nice stimulating natural light, with my lovely bird cushion to provide essential chair comfort, and an empty windowsill where I can keep my cup of tea/snacks.  You can also see in this picture that the floor beneath my new mini desk is strewn with books - I have a looong list of 'to-reads' as well as a bunch of plays I'm trying to scorch through in search of material with an international focus that Fundamental Theatre Project can use.

On books -
I'm currently FINALLY finishing The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, which I have started at least 6 times before.  I just finished Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I finished Love in the Time Of Cholera earlier this year, as well as The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Kundera - as melancholy as can be expected), Women (Bukowski - ugh, abhorrent man abhorrent and damaging book, I cried in sheer disgust and horror through most of it, I've read one and will never read another), This Is How You Lose Her (Junot Diaz - fantastic and vibrant).  Ten years too late I finally read the book I wrote an essay on in year 10, for which I received an excellent grade - Brave New World.  Sorry for the deception Mr Minford, I'm just that good at writing essays.
I also read Slaughterhouse Five, my third book by Kurt Vonnegut so far.  Last year I read Bluebeard and Mother Night.  He's an easy go-to - I know I will like it so I try and avoid getting Vonnegut from the library until I've finished at least 3 others on the list.
I'm also halfway through American Pastoral by Philip Roth.  I started it because Valorie aka future Mrs Sam is starring in an upcoming movie of it; it's taking me a while to wade through.  I like it but have decided it is not a book one can devour like I devoured all the Garcia Marquez.  Also someway through Lolita which is alarming and disturbing but it's not like I didn't know what it was about.

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