Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving: One 20-something's journey to turkey

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. Last year, my friends and I banded together to throw an epic friendsgiving with international potluck, a crazy smorgasbord of dishes, a giant game of was pretty much the party of the year. This year we did things differently. We are missing a few key characters this time around, people who are not currently in the city or even the country. A couple of friends were working. Trying to replicate last year's raucous festivities wouldn't work. So we went small and traditional. Although it was smaller, this year's celebration was actually a bigger personal triumph for me because, assistance from Anel and Jacob with the shopping aside (and I'm so happy we did it as a team it was hilarious) I did all the actual food part single handed. Wait I lie, Jacob helped me put the turkey in the oven ' those things are heavy and awkward!
But on my own I made: sweet potato mash with brown sugar marshmallow topping (it's a US thing - tasty!), mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, butternut squash, styffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, an entire 16 lb turkey AND pumpkin pie. And I'm talking from scratch, gravy made from giblets, pie crust and filling all homemade, the cranberry sauce, the works. That entire meal was my masterpiece. I will never stop being wildly proud of it.
Of course the delightful Jacob, Anel and Natalia were there every step, preparing games, helping decorate (I got out last year's paper bag leaf garlands), pitching in with the cleaning up, supplying booze and generally doing the Thanksgiving thing which is to say come together to appreciate what we gave and celebrate our friendships and triumphs. Of course I have a ton of things to be thankful for this year, even more so than usual which is already an awful lot.
Here's just a few:
My visa
The unwavering support of my loved ones during what was a really tough time for me
Having two homes and a crazy extended multinational family
Reconnecting with some of my past and old friends
Letting go of other parts of my past
The luck that found me my great apartment
The privilege to enjoy a day to gather friends and eat a hearty meal
Oh so much more! Tip of the iceberg, really.  Anyway I know Thanksgiving comes from Pilgrims and Native Americans and a traditional story in which they share a meal YAY but I'm not American so for me it's about all the stuff above.

Oh and drinking, obviously.

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