Thursday, December 18, 2014

Recent haps

I've been back in  NYC over a month now.  Here's what's been going on!

I have babysat lots, right now it's Hannukah so the family is celebrating each evening - I thought Halloween was the hardest time to be a babysitter in the US because the house is full of trick-or-treating sweets and chocolate and it's hard to not munch them all the time.  Wrong: it's Hannukah because the house is full of delicious food but noone can touch it because it's for the candle lighting which happens at night.  Ahhh temptation!

I have enjoyed nights in with friends and roommates (and a few days too).  In the spirit of scrimping and saving I'm basically avoiding going out.  I really want to, I love to go out and find things to do but even if you go out to do something free or very cheap, you will end up needing to spend money on food eventually, or a metrocard or something.  Hey, at least it's warm in my place! Lots of Netflix, some arts and crafts, some pizza nights.  It's all good.

Iiiii have got something new that I'm very excited about but I want it to be a surprise more on that now!

I have equipped myself with winter boots so I now have two fantastic pairs and am ready for the vicious despot that is winter in NYC.  Of course now that I've done that, it's gone a bit milder with no precipitation.

YESTERDAY I sat on the subway next to.........BRADLEY COOPER

Yeah.  This dreamboat.  Phwoar.  Star of movies like Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover, that other movie he was in...yeah I've only seen one movie with him in it (Silver Linings) it's good.  Just because I don't know his work doesn't mean I can't appreciate a fine figure of a famous film star.  He's in town doing The Elephant Man on Broadway.
I sit down, realise it's Bradley Cooper and internally think 'what a great day' but externally obviously do nothing.  He's just a guy, he's taking the train, he's going to work.  I'm on the train every day with hundreds of people doing the same thing and I don't randomly talk to them and nor they to me.  Thank heavens.
I have told a bunch of people about this.  It's a fun story, it's fun that we all unite over our crushes on Bradley Cooper.  It is not going to harm him in any way.  What I do find weird is that people asked me 'oh did you talk to him? You should have got an autograph! Did you say hi?'  Because of aforementioned 'just a guy going to work' scenario.  I can't believe people really truly have that mindset.  I've gone up to precisely two famous people in my life and spoken to them.  When I was 15 Graham Norton gave me his autograph.  I truly do love him and I treasure that memory, he was super nice about it.  Last year I saw a cast member of Orange is the New Black in Buffalo Exchange and I told her that I loved the show.  I felt pretty dumb about it afterwards, honestly.  What are people expecting me to say to Bradley Cooper chilling on the subway on his way to work? 'Hi you're incredibly well-known and good looking?' That's all I really know about him.  People also said 'oh my god...he takes the subway?'...well,'s a great method of he not allowed to take the subway? He's a person, people.  A normal person.  But that doesn't mean just because he's in a public place he is somehow public property.

Which brings me to

I hung with Sam last week, we did a little tapping.  He did a one-night show that he's been in before, it's called Gotta Getta Girl and pictured above are Sam and David Caldwell who is the musical director for the show and also was my class musical director for second semester and an absolute hero of a man.  I absolutely love this guy, he's so great and my favourite accompanist.  So these two rehearsed and I was invited along to hang, watch, contribute a little.  And I went to see the show on Thursday evening, it's uproariously funny, the jokes are non-stop.  I had a lovely evening.
Here's what was weird: while we were at AMDA during the rehearsal, some girl took a picture of Sam through the door.  And people randomly said hi to him.  He's getting more and more well known and the next season of his TV show is filming right now.  He has a lot of fans.  A lot of them showed up to see this show.  I'm looking at it from this side, going 'oh there's Sam, yep just Sam same as ever' but seeing how not ok it is when these kids are doing things like take pictures through doors while he's trying to rehearse, in the broad light of day with absolutely no shame about it.  There are fine lines, it's a contentious topic.

I ascended the stairs behind this lady who I think is me in the future based on her outfit alone - checked trousers and hi tops are a look I've rocked many a time, and I used to have a coat just like that.

I stayed in a crazy hotel room, $700/night, to do a babysitting gig in which I ended up doing no babysitting.  I still got paid.

I saw a lot of this gal who is now back in Scotland for Chrimbo.

We got a Christmas tree in our lobby! We didn't last year.  It's obviously not as good as one from home.  But I'll take it.

I went by the Bryant Park Christmas market and ice rink.  I haven't made it to Rockefeller Tree yet but I will.

The time on my computer is running out so I must leave the library but more Blogathonning to come.

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