Saturday, December 20, 2014

Miss Motivator night, hanging out at Lauren's enjoying some ice cream, beers, Spotify ya know jus' chillin...things got...a little weird. When we get together we often spend a lot of time bemoaning out lack of time/motivation/energy for going to the gym or otherwise exercising. Well she bemoans not having those things, I just like to complain about gyms and 'working out' in general, since I am vehemently against them (I love sports I hate working out, two different things) I do like food though. Junk food. Delicious, tasty, junk food. The conversation about exercise + the 90-second intervals between my thinking about some kind of indulgent food = .....well, take a look at what it =. So I made all those ones and a few days later Lauren and I were hanging out at my place, enjoying some wine and pizza, Youtube ya know jus' chillin...and I thought of something I hadn't tried yet. This time Lauren just looked at me and rolled her eyes (she was the one who came up with the beer drinking leg lifts above) And so began and ended my career as an exercise guru. Although I will say one of those videos got over 1000 views and all of them were very 'liked' on the Book of Face so perhaps I'm onto something. Mostly I just relished the chance to briefly unite the large but not very vocal community of people who are not exercise addicts/exercise braggers. And make fun of those who are. Yay sandwich knees!

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