Sunday, November 23, 2014


That's supposed to be a clever play using NY to substitute the first two letters of the word mysteries. I guess it only works visually.

Anyway I was in Trader Joe's a little while ago waiting to be sent to my cashier by the cashier-sending-person.
And I heard something you hear a lot in TJ's which is the sound of a bell ringing twice and then someone calls out 'two bells!'
I have no ideas what that means so I thought hey I'll look it up. While I'm at it I think I'd like to debunk some more mysteries of New York that I have found along my way.

1) 'Two bells' means a cashier needs a price check on an item
While I was looking this up I discovered also that every Trader Joe's in the country has a plastic lobster hidden somewhere. There is no known reason so I'll have to be satisfied with finding it.
2) OK I stopped because I am soooo infuriated that the second mystery was completely unravelable. I have researched and researched  and no one seems to have ever documented what the deal is with the small memorial fountain built into the wall of Trinity Cemetery on the corner of 155th and Broadway. Yep, 155th...I know, it's two blocks...but you know what, they are uphill blocks and it is cold out! And I'm just indignant that no one has written anything about it, I found a walking tour map of the entire Trinity Cemetery and there was even a picture of this fountain included on the map... but no description! What the hell!
So, more on this later. Meanwhile I shall eat the banana bread I just made.

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