Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Natural habitat

 Animal ears made of braids.  Practical solution to your animal ear needs.
Whiskers optional.

Clouds, hills, trees.  They're cool.

***Brief nature interim for some clothing customisation***

I used to be a plain blue tshirt.

In my native and natural habitat.

And enjoying one of my native and natural activities

Cake (baked by mum eaten by me)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ten things to do when... go to the place you grew up in having been away for a long time.

1) Enjoy the things about your home that you have been missing the most, since you've been appreciating them extra hard from afar for a long time

2) Take a biiig breath and try to inhale everything around you because ultimately, it's the place that made you.  So everything around you is what makes up you.  So you can replenish your supply.  Deep breath.

3) Eat.  Eat all the things you maybe don't get to eat wherever you are.  Alllll the things.

4) Reminisce.  Take a long long walk down Memory Lane.  Put on your nostalgia boots and start a-walkin'.

5) Clearing out.  Exorcise your old space, chase out old demons, banish ghosts that have been hanging around in the wardrobe.  They can take a hike.  But not down Memory Lane with you, that's the whole point of banishing them.  Ghosts can go off somewhere else, they are not the same as Memories.

6) Sleeping.  Nuff said.

7) Catching up with old friends, and continuing the ongoing conversations you've been having with the more current ones.

8) Thinking.  Loooots of time to think, reflect, reconnect.  Taking stock of what has been, what is and what will be.  And what could have been and what could be.

9) Practicing or working on things that you always want to have time for but don't.  Hair braiding.  Baking.  Blogging.

10) Feeling a bit confused and guilty every time you refer to wherever you've been living as 'home' but ultimately being grateful to have two places that both count as home.

This blog post was brought to you by Tessa's addiction to Buzzfeed lists.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I don't have that much to blog about today.  I will shortly I think because I have projects to do but meanwhile...

Just going to share my feelings about something.  'Shake Ebola off' is a new campaign that, in the same vein as the ALS icebucket challenge, will use social media to spread awareness of the crisis in West Africa.
I think anything that will help to educate people and inspire them to find ways to help and donate to respected and well-vetted charities and organisations is a good thing.  The ALS ice bucket challenge worked, they raised hella money.
I still have some problems with the whole concept though.  Shake Ebola off seems to entail making a video of yourself dancing.  First let me contend with the name - NOT GOOD.  Way to accidentally trivialise it.  Second, I don't think people making videos of themselves dancing is garnering the right response - the one I've seen so far has tons of comments and likes.  The trouble is those comments are not 'because of this video I read several articles on the Ebola epidemic and am now educated and aware' or 'I have chosen a charity to donate to because of this campaign'.  They are more along the lines of 'yasssss' 'work it' and 'dang boy you got moves'.  So it has ended up being all about the maker of the video, not the disease that is ravaging three African nations and has been reported in at least three others.  More than 4000 people dead since July.  Health workers who bravely travelled to the worst affected areas are dying because they tried to help save lives.
I really think an awareness and fundraising campaign that focused on the subject of the awareness and fundraising would be a good thing.
If you want to show off the fact that you can dance, go ahead.  But do so on your own merit, don't let it distract from an important cause especially if you have a large following and could influence a lot of people.

Save The Children ebola aid donations will be matched up to $250,000 so that's a good place to start knowing your money will be doubled.
Doctors Without Borders are really on the frontlines and they have lost many doctors who have been working in close quarters with ebola patients.
Charities and organisations who are working to educate communities in the affected countries are also important - there have been reports of healthcare workers killed in more remote areas where there is a lot of distrust.

Never forgetting that there are victims and people at high risk of war, different diseases and natural disasters the world over, all the time.  Those haven't all stopped because there is an Ebola outbreak.

The World is sad today.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Q. What does a Tessa do when it has too much time on it's hands?

A. Learns to do mostly braid-based hairstyles, that's what

Upside down Dutch braid with a bun on top

Four angles of the same hair - not sure what to call it, it's a ponytail split in half and French plaited into shape....

Piece de resistance, Celtic knot - or rather, one Celtic knot either side.  This took SO LONG to master.

But so pretty!

Dutch waterfall braid - do you know how hard it is to take pictures of the very back of your head? Super duper tricky.

You may also notice in these pictures my hair looks really dark
Well I haven't washed for like a week so that is why that is. This one would probably look more waterfally if my hair was cleaner.

And then I just tied knots to see what would happen.

And now it is far too late for me to be doing anything let alone pretending to be that girl from Game of Thrones/Bo Derek.

So incredibly well-styled goodnight.


The next evening...

I've got the hang of the Celtic knot enough to be able to do it at the back, and am doing it at a reasonable enough time for my mum to be up and therefore able to take pictures for me!